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Susie Fairbrother

About the Artist:


Susie is a self-taught artist, with American, and English roots. She presently lives in Montreal Quebec with her husband and their youngest daughter. 

Her large family was the source of her first creative impulses. Both her father and maternal grandmother were artists.


For years Susie worked as a stained glass craftsman, and later as a set designer/painter. More recently (2001-2002) she worked on special art programs in an inner city school, instructing students on wall murals and concert backdrops.


In 2002 she decided to paint full time and hasn’t stopped since.


Susie is represented by, The Auburn Art gallery, Gravenhurst Ontario, and The Stony Batter Gallery, Oquossoc, Maine.  

She has sold many paintings to Canadian and American collectors and has been commissioned by dozens of small businesses and private homes. She has also donated many paintings to non-profit institutions across Canada.


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