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Coco Lamp

About the Artist:


Coco Lamp was born from the old adage: 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'. While attempting to bring light to a lengthy black out during an ice storm we accidentally or some would say serendipitously stumbled upon our eureka moment and created the worlds first paraffin duck egg lamp!


Our oil lamps are completely unique, hand painted works of art, made from real Pekin and Barbari duck eggs!


Coco Lamp offers a variety of different styles for our lamps. 

There are 5 base choices and our eggs come in a rainbow of colours. You can choose from our 'Orbit' series, 'Turtle' series or our 'Artisan' series (landscapes etc.) painted eggs. 


Not only are our lamps beautiful hand painted works of art, they are a safe and economical alternative to wax candles. 

Each little egg comes complete with a small funnel and when filled with smokeless lamp oil (paraffin) will burn for approximately 8 hours. 

Liquid paraffin is NON combustible without a conduit to burn, which means, if your lamp were to get knocked over or broken while lit, a fire will NOT spread from the spilled oil. 


Because we hand make our wicks from Pirex and fiber optic fiberglass they burn completely smokeless and never need to be replaced, a vast improvement over wax candles and their sometimes lead based wicks.


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