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Joyce Iacono

Artist Statement:


Montreal, Canadian born and raised. When I was young I always dappled in drawing, coloring, and in limited ways painting too. I was never quite encouraged to take the artistic path in school, so I quietly developed my own artistic path later in life while studying and subsequently working for a large global corporation. I think it was the need for balance in my life and that fire that I had inside me to be creative and not only in a PowerPoint context. Painting brings a meditative quality that helps me focus and frees my mind.
As soon as I see a blank canvas, pick up my brushes, and choose my colors it all explodes on the canvas. It's a brilliant feeling. I am thrilled to be able to share this passion with the world as I have sold my artwork in many countries and am featured in galleries as well. I am incredibly grateful to share this side of me.


Artist Approach:


My florals and landscapes are a free form of bold expressionism. I don’t set out with any specific result when I paint, I just push the painting to lush and harmonious brush strokes which please the eye. I love dynamic brushstrokes, saturated color with loose interpretations of realism. That element of the ’unexpected’ gives me unlimited freedom during the creative process.




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