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Sharon Nix

About the Artist:


From Beijing to Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Sharon Nix has travelled, observed, studied and participated in the currents of many cultures. Her portraits bring to life all those people with whom she has connected, caught in their own unique and precious moment.


Born in Newfoundland, Nix has come to express her art later in life. With a cool hand and passionate heart she captures the vivid colours in oil and the many nuances of people from all walks of life, and vistas from around the world.


A specialist in teaching English as a second language, Nix has contributed richly to the education in the communities in which she has lived.


Nix has a number of paintings in private collections, has undertaken numerous portrait commissions, and has been featured in many highly successful dedicated shows in Canada. Her patrons from Canada, the United States and abroad were thrilled to peruse, enjoy and buy the canvasses on display.



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