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Leanna TenEycke

About the Artist:


Leanna was interested in drawing, painting and creating characters since she was a young girl growing up in Oakville, Ontario. Her supportive family recognized this and encouraged her artistic development. Not knowing exactly where she wanted to end up in the world of creative careers, she was enrolled in different art classes learning a variety of mediums and styles, spending her secondary school years at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Eventually this education included a Bachelor's degree in Illustration from Sheridan College, it was then she decided she wanted to become a full time illustrator. Now the 24-year-old works on a variety of digital and traditional art projects for books and games, personal fine art projects, and a variety of different crafts.

She recently became a regular participant of Art Battle, an energetic live competition. She quickly moved up the ranks and currently holds the national championship for 2015. She also designs, creates and sells her own unique one of a kind jewelry, many of it falling into similar whimsical and fantastic themes as her artwork. She currently balances this side business with freelance work and part time art tutoring, striving to improve her skills every day.


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