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Karen Richardson

About the Artist:

Having grown up near Algonquin Park in northern Ontario, surrounded by the terrain of the Canadian Shield, I am instinctively drawn to rock-filled wilderness scenery. The landscape of my childhood, characterized by extensive forests, with massive outcroppings of smooth bedrock, interspersed with hundreds of pristine lakes and rivers, was a region made famous by the paintings of the Group of Seven. I find harshly beautiful places such as these to be energizing as well as restorative. To date, over 400 of my paintings include stone in some form  - from exquisite pebbles to massive rock cliffs.

When I see something in Nature that is worthy of celebration, I want to capture that feeling of heartfelt awe and wonder in a painting. My artistic mission is to uplift, to share a moment of focused calm; in short - to make the world a happier place, one painting at a time.

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